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Today’s customers and retailers need the flexibility to accept a variety of payment types at vending and other self-service units. We believe our innovative terminal provides a future-proof and long-term option for those investing in new payment technology. 

The terminal accepts MasterCard, Maestro, Visa, and NFC mobile payments including Apple Pay as well the option of Flexpay - VMC’s closed loop payment system, giving clients a ‘best of both’ solution with ultimate choice. 

Competitive merchant agreement

A direct agreement between the operator and Elavon keeps things simple and ensures rates and monthly charges are extremely competitive. Your transactions can be settled daily, weekly or monthly – with funds reaching your account within 2 days.


The Vendotek terminal can be fitted to brand new machines by the manufacturer or retrofitted very easily to existing machines already on site.

  • Single mounting unit 
  • Plug & play
  • Simple enough to be fitted by client
  • Roaming SIM included as standard
  • Compatible with MIFARE Classic, Ultralight/C, Plus, Desfire, SmartMX
  • Compatible with VMC's FlexPay closed payment solution 




Our payment readers can be installed on almost any unattended machine in any setting for example photocopiers, printers, jukeboxes, amusements, photo booths, car washes, laundrettes and of course food/drink vending machines. 

The possibilities really are endless and we can provide scalable payment solutions to meet the demands of a single machine through to large multi-site equipment estates.


But what else can contactless do for your business? With the power of VMC technology behind it, it can also offer additional value in the form of advanced loyalty schemes, detailed customer data capture, bespoke promotions and more.


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