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Loyalty rewards

Keep your customers coming back for more by adding loyalty programmes into your cashless catering operation. VMC have created a loyalty solution that is quick and easy to set up, with the ability to reward by purchase value and offer bonuses against certain products, at set times of day and for specific time periods.

Gone are the days of stamping paper loyalty cards, our system collects data every time the user purchases, automatically adding their loyalty points and enabling them to control when points are redeemed. The user can also view their progress with loyalty promotions on their online account or by Mobile.

You control which of your tills the promotions run through and when, while our efficient Management Portal keeps track of take-up and results so you can review the effectiveness of each campaign.

Loyalty really does add another dimension to your cashless system, encouraging customer retention, growing your sales and giving your customers deals they really want to participate in.


  • Increase repeat purchase
  • Better customer retention
  • Improve sales
  • Simple to implement

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