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Central admin

Our intelligent, flexible VMC Management Portal is always working hard behind the scenes on your behalf. This clever admin hub is accessed via an online browser meaning you can keep track of exactly what is happening in your catering operation from wherever you are, whenever it suits you. Our management software can be configured as a fully cloud based solution hosted off site by VMC, or it can be set up on your own servers in-house.

The system collects valuable data on individual spend, identifying who is using your facility, what they are buying and when. It will also keep track of any promotional or loyalty offers you set up, so you can easily review your sales performance and make amends where necessary at the touch of a button.

Powerful enough to manage hundreds of tills but simple enough for smaller set-ups too, it can drill down through your data and provide all the useful management and audit info you need instantly and accurately, taking the hassle out of compiling sales reports and stock taking. The system will also keep an eye on how all your hardware is performing and will quickly identify issues and provide solutions, all from the comfort of your desk.

VMC’s Management Portal was created to empower the user, giving them full visibility and control of their catering operation at all times, providing key data at the touch of a button, and most importantly saving time – a winning combination!


  • All data visible in one place
  • Quickly compiles the reports you need
  • Simple to access 24/7 online portal via any device
  • Quick management of menus, tariffs and promotions
  • Monitor your hardware performance

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