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Vending in Education

Vending has always been present in educational settings, but usually as the support act for the main catering operation. In the post-pandemic world we now find ourselves in, it has an opportunity to do a lot more.

Laura Barwell, Business Development Manager at VMC explains;

“Despite schools in the UK being back in attendance, many are still not running their usual catering service due to reduced staffing levels and adhering to social distancing rules, and this is where vending can step up. Instead of just utilising machines for snack products, why not use them to make more substantial chilled food and drink items available to students? There is also an opportunity to add different essential items into these machines, like hand sanitiser gel and face masks, to support the ongoing COVID requirements.”

Laura continues;

“With safety and hygiene now top of the list for any business taking payment, contactless has become the preferred way to pay during the pandemic, and vending is no exception. During the last year we have seen the demand for our Vendotek contactless readers surge. This is because they have enabled venues with closed or reducing catering operations, like colleges and universities, to continue providing a good selection of food and drinks. Adding contactless payment to the machines also reduces the risk of theft, and the need for staff contact and cash handling.”

In education there is clearly an opportunity for vending to play more of a key role in making catering and other supplies more easily accessible to students, which in turns also helps those establishments meet the COVID guidelines.

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